Henry Arango

Henry Arango is an independent and exceptionally experienced self-help author. He has published five works in various formats including ebook, audiobook, and physical. His works include “I can Do Anything: The Transformative  Power of Positive Thinking” and “What They Are Really Saying: Deciphering Body Language.” Henry is currently working on many more book projects, including his debut into the fiction genre. 

Henry has been self-made since day one. He was raised in Weehawken, NJ - just across the Hudson River from where he was born in New York City. Henry’s biggest influence were his parents, Cuban immigrants fleeing from a communist regime. They showed him that no matter the odds you were facing, there was always a way to make things better for yourself. Henry was happy and goal oriented as a child where he excelled at sports and martial arts where he became a black belt.

To say that Henry is independent is quite the understatement. He has never worked for any other person besides himself a single day in his life. At seventeen years old he owned his very own trade - and today he currently owns several e-commerce businesses. Henry also reinvigorates his mind with creating fantastic art pieces that range from painting to metal sculptures, sold worldwide. You can also find Henry on Youtube preparing a various assortment of delicious Cuban cuisine.

Henry’s main goal in life has always been to be happy personally as well as professionally. One of his greatest strengths is to be able to share the things that bring him joy with others through his writings. His books are all about finding the motivation to help you achieve whatever it is you want in life. All that he has done and achieved has been self taught. He has been a student of life and continues to be. Henry is not done growing by any means and he does not intend on slowing down any time soon.




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